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New Puppy

Congratulations! You have a newborn in your life.

The first few months are very important to your little ones social and physical development and will set them up for life.

We’re here to help during this busy time. At your first appointment at Bay St Vets we will run through socialisation, diet and important health care.

What does this health care look like:


Every three weeks from 6-8 weeks of age for a total of three injections, then a yearly health check and booster vaccination.

Fortnightly intestinal worming

Schedule from 2 – 12 weeks of age then monthly until six months of age then every three months for life.

Heartworm prevention

Heartworm prevention starts at 12 weeks of age and can involve a monthly chewable or topical treatment or a yearly injection.

Fleas & Ticks

Fleas & Ticks prevention starts from 8 weeks of age and is very important in our region. Paralysis tick bites are life threatening and fleas can cause significant discomfort, skin irritation and transmit tapeworm.


The correct diet whilst your puppy is rapidly growing in their first six months is critical. Different breeds grow at different rates and will have different diet requirements. We will help you in making the right choice depending on these requirements.

Puppy school and socialisation

Puppies have a critical socialisation window that closes at 16 weeks of age, it is very important to expose them (in the right environment) to many positive social experiences and situations. We highly recommend choosing the right puppy school which we can help you with and this can commence after just one puppy vaccination (in a clinical setting).


The appropriate age to do this varies depending on breed, for small dogs the optimal age is six months old

Adult Dogs

We recommend six monthly health checks at Bay St Vets, this is because dogs age more rapidly than humans and as they can’t talk about their problems these six month checks allow us to track and evaluate your pets health and diagnose any issues before they affect their quality of life. Ensuring ultimate comfort and longevity. This exam involves a complete physical exam from nose to tail.

Senior Dogs

What is considered senior? That really depends on size, small dogs are seniors at 10 years of age whereas large dogs are at 7 years of age. From this point in their life we recommend yearly senior blood tests at one of these six monthly check ups. This again gives us the maximum health information about your pet.

New Kitten

Wow how exciting! Prior to bringing your fur baby home set them up a room in your house so they can adjust to their new environment.

This will include bedding, a litterbox, food, water, scratching posts and toys. If you have an older feline it can be an adjustment period for them (nb: some cats take up to six months or longer to adjust to a new kitten/cat), so letting them discover each other slowly is key and you can help aid this transition by using ‘Feliway’ – a pheromone spray or diffuser that helps cats and kittens relax.

This is also useful to spray in their cat carrier prior to bringing home and to the vet.

Health care

Book a trip to see us at Bay St Vets during their first week home. We will check them over and discuss all the important things – vaccinations (every 4 weeks from 6-8 weeks of age) for three vaccinations, worming (every 2 weeks from 12 weeks of age, then monthly until 6months of age, then every 3months for line), nutrition (we will discuss with you in clinic) and desexing (this can happen from 4-6months of age).

Vet Visits

Coming to the Vet can be stressful for kittens and we want to make each experience as positive as possible from a young age, so please bring any comfort items or treats with you to each Vet visit.


We recommend feeding your kitten the same food as they were being fed for the first 1-2 weeks in their new home and then if you would like to change diets, transition them gradually. We recommend feeding a balanced kitten diet which we will discuss with you in clinic.

Dental Care

One of your biggest gifts you can give your pet is appropriate dental care, starting early on. This includes brushing! Yes Brushing their teeth, we will demonstrate how to do this and what foods are appropriate to prevent dental disease. Please remember 80% of adult cats over three years of age have dental disease, this can be painful and expensive so prevention is key and is of paramount importance to us at Bay St Vets.

Adult Cats

At Bay St Vets we recommend yearly health checks for your adult cat, to ensure optimal health and longevity.

We will perform a thorough physical exam of your feline Family member each year, this ensures we detect any issues early and prevents unnecessary quality of life issues and expense.

One of our focus points is preventative dental care and we will ensure your cat is eating the correct diet and has a maintenance plan in place to prevent dental disease.

Senior Cats

From seven years of age, we recommend six monthly health checks at Bay St Vets, at one of these six monthly checks we will recommend a senior pet blood test. We like to keep track of these results in our patient file so we can rapidly and easily detect the beginnings of any disease processes.

Some of the main diseases we monitor our seniors for include:

  • Dental Disease: Cats often hide their discomfort even when they have advanced dental pain & disease.

  • Arthritis: This condition often goes undetected, a few early signs are behavioural changes – such as decrease in grooming, a reluctance to jump or difficulty getting in and out of the litter box.

  • High Blood Pressure: Regular blood pressure checks are part of our senior pet health check every six months. This is because high blood pressure commonly goes undetected and can cause kidney disease, blindness and heart disease among others.

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